The cide


The Desertification Research Centre –CIDE– is a join institute of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC), the University of Valencia and the Autonomous Government of Valencia.

The CIDE is organized into two scientific Departments, Environmental quality and soils and Ecology (this structure is pending aproval and formalization), and several Services.

The CIDE is devoted to the research on the causes, factors and processes of Desertification. CIDE is composed of a multidisciplinary team of researchers devoted to the characterization and study of soils as a natural resource, their degradation and conservation measures; the ecology and evolution of plants; and the cartographic integration of the state and dynamics of the landscape components into thematic documents for land use planning.

Yolanda Picó

Desertification Research Centre (CIDE)


Responsible of the Environmental and Food Safety Reseach Group of the University of Valencia. Her expertise is in the development and validation of (i) analytical methods for the determination of emerging organic contaminants in food and the environment, (ii) methods and models for the control of the exposure routes and (iii) contaminants exposure assessment. Within health sciences field, she has been working on the elucidation of the molecular structure, determination of the fragmentation mechanisms of emerging contaminants, and quantification, multi-pesticides screening in food, in multi-drugs, environmental forensics and in general unknown screening.

Dyana Vitale

Desertification Research Centre (CIDE)


Dyana Vitale, PhD in applied biology and experimental medicine, obtained at the University of Messina, Italy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and ecology marine and a master’s degree in biology and ecology of the coastal marine environment. Qualified as a biologist, she has carried out some collaborations with the CNR of Italy (National Research Institute) in environmental monitoring projects of benthic marine organisms. During her University career and her doctorate program, she had the opportunity to carry out several Erasmus in Spain, collaborating with the Universities of Cadiz and Valencia and later with the Oceanografic of Valencia, in various zoology, ecology, and ecotoxicology projects. Currently, she is a Doctoral researcher belonging to the research group on food and environmental safety (SAMA-UV) recognized by the University of Valencia (GIUV2013-003), led by Professor Yolanda Picó. She is carrying out research about the determination of the fragmentation mechanisms of emerging contaminants and quantification of organic and inorganic analysis samples, at the Research Center on Desertification (CIDE).

Rodrigo Álvarez Ruiz

Desertification Research Centre (CIDE)

PhD student


He did his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science in the University of Alcalá de Henares and his postgraduate in Environmental pollution, toxicology and health in the University of Valencia. He is currently doing his PhD in the Environmental pollution, toxicology and health program in the University of Valencia with a fellowship from the Spanish ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, and the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).

His research covers: (i) the development of multiresidue methods for the extraction of organic pollutants from environmental matrices (water, sediment, biota, etc), (ii) the detection and assessment of the risk and fate of these compounds in the environment and (iii) bioaccumulation studies in biota.

He is member of the Environmental and Food security group (SAMA-UV), he has collaborated in the projects Eco2Tools, EMERFOR, SCARCE. And during his stay abroad has collaborated with the Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS)

Daniele sadutto

Desertification Research Centre (CIDE)

phd student


He obtained Master Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology at University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He was enabled to practice the profession of pharmacist.
During his university activity, he performed the role of laboratory assistant in a “Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Toxicological Analysis I” course. He worked in the Higher Health Institute (Istituto Superiore di sanitá)-Department of Medicine (Rome, IT) to realize the experimental thesis. He was focused on analysis of CHIRAL pharmaceutical compounds with the use of HPLC.
He completed a postgraduate internship at the University of Valencia in Department of Preventive Medicine, carrying out the following activities: determination of drugs in the water, soil and sediment with HPLC-MS/MS (QqQ); development of analytical methods to optimize the recovery in the samples analyzed.
In 2018 he joined of the Environmental and Food Safety Research Group of the University of Valencia (SAMA-UV), where he is continuing his investigation.