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will be coordinated by the IMDEA Water Institute and will study the effects of emerging contaminants under the umbrella of climate change on coastal freshwater ecosystems. It will contribute to the development of chemical fate and ecological effect models, testing in-situ tools for the monitoring of ecotoxicological effects, and the creation of a framework to understand the impact of climate change and chemical stress on aquatic ecosystems



To provide current and future chemical risk scenarios for aquatic ecosystems based on the adaptation of fate and ecological models to Mediterranean conditions. (PI responsible: A. Rico)


To assess the resilience of aquatic communities to key chemical and climate-change related stressor combinations using microcosm experiments. (PI responsible: M. Vighi)


To test and further develop ecotoxicological tools for the in-situ monitoring of chemical effects at different levels of biological organization (i.e., biomarkers, in-situ cages, mesocosms) under Mediterranean conditions. (PI responsible: A. Rico)


To propose a coherent framework and specific measures to assess the resilience of aquatic ecosystems to chemical pollution in a climate change scenario. (PI responsible: A. Rico)


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